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My order is dropping
Last Updated 3 years ago

Unfortunately, it is impossible to provide social media services with a lifetime guarantee. This is due to the nature of the service, and any other providers claiming a lifetime guarantee are definitely lying. It is impossible to force the users to keep following/ liking/ viewing your content. Sometimes, the algorithm detects suspicious behavior and removes some of the signals. This is not in our control. Our team is continually improving our services, and we only work with top-notch follow4follow, like4like networks, etc.

Reasons your order may be dropping:

  • The users decided to not follow/ subscribe/ like you anymore (your content is important here)
  • The algorithm removed the signals due to suspicious behavior on your account

The second reason is why we are usually not delivering the orders at once - it triggers the security systems behind the social networks. However, we offer free refills for nearly all orders. Unfortunately, mostly we can only provide them within the first 30 days. However, you may ask our customer support if your order qualifies for a free refill. You can request a free refill through our customer support.

We can not refund orders that dropped slightly, as it is out of our control. However, we will try our best to compensate you with a refill.

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